How to Build a Winning Account Plan 

A Template for Account Planning & Execution

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Transform your sales approach and unlock new revenue opportunities with our latest e-book, "How to Build a Winning Account Plan." This comprehensive guide provides sales and account teams with a powerful framework for maximizing revenue growth through strategic account planning and execution.


Why You Need This eBook

  • Streamline Your Sales Process: Learn how to visualize and tap into additional revenue potential within your accounts.
  • Enhance Collaboration: Foster effective teamwork across sales, marketing, and customer support teams to minimize deal slippage and shorten sales cycles.
  • Maximize Account Potential: Understand how to gain a larger share of your client's wallet with targeted, strategic planning.
  • Create Effective Strategies: Develop highly efficient account strategies and opportunity execution plans that drive results.
  • Boost Engagement and Satisfaction: Improve customer engagement, satisfaction, and deal velocity by aligning your internal teams.
  • Targeted Coaching for Sales Leaders: Gain insights into account health for more focused coaching and strategic support.

Inside the eBook

A step-by-step template for account planning and execution that leverages best practices for strategic accounts and global sales teams.

Essential components for a successful account plan including customer landscape analysis, revenue snapshots, account goals, and plan administration.

Tools and advice for creating digital sales process maps and execution playbooks for consistent implementation across your team.

Perfect For

Sales Executives, Account Managers, and Sales Teams who are looking to refine their account planning process, deepen customer relationships, and drive significant revenue growth through strategic execution.

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